1. Motivate and mobilize Datoga community to change its attitude and mindset towards education, Economic, Health and social sector in this world of globalization.

  2. Enable the Datoga community as pastoralists society to access and join reliable market for Agriculture, livestock and cultural heritageproducts.

  3. Enable the Datoga community in recognizing available opportunity in livestock, business and agriculture and utilize effectively for sustainable development.

  4. Provoke and improve sports sector as a way of building a good relationship and solidarity between pastoralists society and other communities in Tanzania.

  5. Enable and preserve Datoga culture by reviving, build and conserve cultural centers.

  6. To make capacity building to the community so that it can be aware on basic rights especially on various country laws and responsility to their nation as a citizens of Tanzania.

  7. Enable Datoga community to have a citizenship education and good governance.